Chart App

Chart App completely reinvents the way you look at apps.


Chart App helps you track the latest positions in the rankings of Apples App-Store since May 2011.

Grab a quick overview over the latest movement

Chart App provides you from the very first second you start the application with a unique look and feel – which is yet also intuitive. On startup you can easily view the latest top movers in you favorite store and the latest activities of you favorite apps without much interaction with the app.

View extensive data about every application

When accessing an application in detail, Chart App provides you with a lot of information on every single record we found in our database, no matter how long it was stored or to which country it belongs. You can access all those in a simple table, when digging deeper you even get interactive graphs displaying the history of the application. Double tapping on it  activates an interactive mode allowing you to swipe along the plot and get even more detailed information about the current date you are currently placing you finger at.

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